Push-up Bar Stands

$19.95 $19.98

Get the most out of your upper body workouts!

Building solid upper body strength and pectoral muscles without heavy weights and machines used to be a difficult, but not anymore!

With the Push-up Bar Stands, you can take your push-ups to the next level! Made from premium ABS material, these stands feature an elevated height allowing for deeper range of motion and better form during your push-ups.

Each holder is wrapped with a foam cushion, and their bases have non-slip rubber pads for safety and traction. Train with confidence and make gains fast with the Push Up Bar Stands!


Make Gains Fast: With the Push-up Bar Stands, you can expect to be pushed to your limit! Achieve a strong, toned, and powerful upper body fast!

Ergonomic Position: The handles of these stands are designed with ergonomics in mind to protect your posture while training. Each handle is wrapped with foam for a more comfortable grip. 

Perfect for Everyone: The Push-up Bar Stands are perfect for both men and women of any size looking to perform a strengthening calisthenic exercise!

Lightweight & Portable: Easily portable, the Push-up Bar Stands are lightweight so you can easily pack them in a bag. Get an incredible workout at home, the gym, park, or anywhere life takes you.

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