Elite Power Press

$49.95 $70

Get the ultimate upper body workout! 

To perform perfect push-ups, you should have equipment that allows for the perfect hand grip and placement of your spine so you don't injure yourself during training. 

Thankfully, there's a product that does this and more! The Elite Power Press is an innovative training system that strengthens and maximizes your entire upper body while engaging your core.

Fully assembled with silicone non-slip bars and thick plates, the Elite Power Press provides safer, more effective workouts. With 9-in-1 different variations, this world class fitness equipment is certain to help you build some serious muscle.


Variety of Positions: With the Elite Power Press, you will be pushed to your limits. Experience the variety of positions it offers, ranging from wide to narrow. These forms engage the chest, shoulder, arms, core, and back more effectively. 

Non-Slip & Safe: Built with tough ABS plastic, this material is not easily broken or damaged and withstands even the strongest pressure. Plus, its handgrips are anti-slip.

Systematic Training: The Elite Power Press' color-coded system targets and sculpts specific muscle groups. Blue for the chest, red for the shoulders, yellow for the back, and green for the arms. 

Portable & Easy To Use: The Elite Power Press is not complicated to use. Just plug the handles to your desired position, and it's ready to go. It's also foldable, so you can quickly put it away when not in use! 

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