Hip Resistance Band

$24.95 $30

Strengthen and sculpt your glutes!

Are you tired of your boring butt workout routine? Do you no longer feel challenged by doing squats, lunges, and leg raises?

The Hip Resistance Band is the perfect accessory to help you achieve your booty goals! It's made with top quality, sturdy materials, that won't slip or slide down your leg while training.

The lightweight and compact design of this band makes it easy to take with you on the go and workout anywhere and anytime it is convenient for you.


Levels Up All Exercises: Apart from making booty workouts more challenging, the Hip Resistance Band also intensifies other exercises, like powerlifting, Pilates, CrossFit, yoga, and even stretching. 

Extra Stability: If you are looking for an elastic band that won’t roll up or slide off during your workouts, this accessory is perfect for you! It is wider than usual fitness bands and has inner grip strips to keep it in place.

Heavy Duty: The Hip Resistance Band is made of heavy-duty polyester to make it snap-proof and sweat resistant. It also features two levels of resistance to help you increase your range of motion as you train. 

Carry It Around: Our bands even come with a sporty carrying case, you can easily take your resistance band to the gym, park, office, etc.

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